3 tips to discuss boobies with your clients and maybe help them to prevent breast cancer!

Because breast cancer needs to be talked about, here are 3 tips to discuss boobies with your clients!

I’m sure, you want to know asap how you can chew over such a topic and know its 3 tips!

Jump into this boobtiful world with us and Think Pink!

How you can discuss breast cancer with your clients?

Breast cancer is real and should not be shameful to talk about so here are 3 tips to discuss boobies! 

Yes, you read it right!  
As a hairdresser, you have the power to talk boobies with your clients and maybe prevent breast cancer and this is how you can do it!

You probably know that every year, Olivia Garden is supporting Think Pink in its fight against breast cancer. How so? By dedicating them a special limited edition of Fingerbrush and scissors kit!  

Now, how can this info have anything to do with you? 
Well, let me explain it to you, my friend! 

When your clients come to get their haircut, they know they’ll have THE moment to relax from all the daily life’s stress! They know they can confess to you without being judged. It’s up to you to ask about them, their life, and how they feel. And that includes health!

You get it by health, we mean discussing boobies with them!  

Do not be scared to approach them with this topic because talking about it raises awareness!
You may know this but you are in a unique position to discuss certain life issues with your clients. All because they feel comfortable with you. You’d be very surprised at the impact your discussions can have on them!
After all, in some situations, a simple discussion can actually save lives!

But maybe, you’re a bit shy addressing such a topic and for that, we have THE tip to aid you!

And that tip is none other than our Fingerbrush! Indeed while detangling your clients’ hair, it’s the right time to come up with such a topic. Why’s that? Because this edition of Fingerbrush has been specially designed for this cause. Which makes it the perfect link between hairstyle and breast cancer.  

While showing them those Fingerbrush, start to ask them if they know Think Pink. If they know the purpose of it and how they feel close to it. It can open real discussions such as self-checking! 

Insisting on self-palpation is really important as prevention is cure!

This sentence has never been so true! 
Indeed as fast as the first symptoms appear and are treated, the chance to cure is higher than ever! 

Now you get how important it is to speak up about boobies as breast cancer affects both women and men. So, do not be afraid to talk boobies with both of them. 

Fingerbrush is a good way to start the conversation! But to prevent the illness, showing the real gestures to adopt is way more vital. Do not worry, we do not ask you to show them how to self-palpate. I mean if you feel like it, feel free to do whatever you like regarding this topic. But if putting on a show is not your thing, Think Pink got you covered! Indeed, here are some visuals of how to detect breast cancer or how to do self-palpation. 

Such as this visual showing the first symptoms of a possible breast cancer


Self-palaption and the adopting gestures

How does that work?  

The self-palpation need to be done while standing.  

Beforehand, they need to put themselves in front of a mirror and have a serious look at their boobies. If any problems, they’ll notice some size and shape changes on the skin or nipple.  

But, the self-palpation doesn’t start with any skin problem seen on a boobie. This needs to be done regularly even if you think it is not necessary!

So here’s the first step of how-to-touch-your-boobies:  

1) Put one of your arms behind your head and check if anything has changed since looking at your boobies in the mirror 

2) Start doing circular motions with gentle pressure from the outer edge towards the nipple and this all around the nipple 

3) Also, have a look at the area between the armpit and the breast  

4) Then pull slightly on the nipple to see if it moves easily 

Feel free to have a look at the Think Pink website for any more information or visuals if needed!  

Now that you have all the 3 tips needed to discuss and prevent breast cancer, don’t hesitate to open discussions with your clients and show them the first steps to take. You will forever be your clients’ superhero… And ours! 😉  

Who knows how many boobies you will save?!  


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