6 OG Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones (or you)!

Look no more, here is our selection of 6 OG Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones (or you) that will be all the rage! 

And it’s all about creating and taking care of that beautiful hair of yours! 

Perfect gifts be like


Let’s start this selection of Christmas gift ideas with our beloved Fingerbrush! Aka THE one & only brush to have perfectly detangled hair!
You know this is the kind of brush once you start using it, it becomes essential in your everyday life! 

But for those who don’t know it by now, our Fingerbrush is the perfect brush to detangle the hair without any pain! 

Loved by a thousand – we can guarantee you, your loved ones, and even you will love it! 

What’s even cooler? 
Our Fingerbrush has so many stunning colours! From black to pink, yellow, green and more – it is impossible for you not to find your ultimate fav among our big Fingerbrush family! 

Yes we know, what a way to start this selection of Christmas gift ideas!

Make sure to try it out! Have a look at our brush, here

The brush cleaner aka THE ultimate accessory needed for all your brushes!

Yes, you heard right! The brush cleaner is what’s missing in your life! Sounds cocky, I know But truly, this item will be your new (Christmas) obsession! 

Cleaning brushes can be annoying. Removing hair from barrels is not complicated but the result is not always 100% clean. A few hairs are still stuck in the barrel which means your brush is not fully clean.

To remedy this, your best solution to choose is definitely the brush cleaner! 

Want to know more about it? Check it here!


If including an eco dimension in your Xmas gift ideas is your wish – do not worry, Olivia Garden got you covered! 

Indeed, we created the perfect range of brushes and combs for all needs with an eco twist! Brushes and combs made out of certified eco-bamboo.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a really good opportunity to start going a bit more eco-friendly in your hairdressing tools! 

From hairbrushes to combs, almost every type of hair can be taken care of! But if you really want to please yourself, a friend or a family member – make sure to get the Bamboo Touche Massage one. 
This paddle brush is perfect to detangle the hair while getting provided a massage moment form the bristles! 

Tempted? You can find it here


You probably get it because it’s literally in its name but this brush is THE brush to perfectly blend all your dyes! 
And by definition, this is perfect for all the colour freaks out there! 

Thanks to these thick bristles, the dyes are going to be perfectly spread all over your hair.
Yes, you got it! Thanks to this brush, beautiful coloured hair will be yours! And due to its material, the brush won’t stained with all the dyes you’ll use. 

But this is not its only utility as this brush is also perfect for applying all your care products! 

Which makes it a really good blend tool for all of you! And also, this Christmas present idea is your sign to start taking care of your hair and going all colourful for this new year in the coming! 


Essential Kit

These kits are, maybe, what you always dream of! Like literally! Our kits are two kits with all the best tools from Olivia Garden! And those kits are made for the newbies in the hairdresser field to the experts! 

But for the Essential one, this kit is destined for the newbie aka the future big hairdressers! You’ll find in this kit all the Olivia Garden essentials to start creating and developing stunning styles such as: 

  • a toolbelt
  • an Xtreme scissors kit (thinner and cutting)
  • an edge razor
  • a pack of 10 edge razor blades
  • a mini brush cleaner
  • a Carbon+ion full comb
  • an iDetangle
  • two ProThermal (in 25mm and 35mm) 

Expert Kit

If you are already an expert in your field or you know someone that is – then this Expert kit is what was missing in your life! 

A perfect concentred kit for all the experts out there! 

In this Expert kit, you’ll find : 

  • a toolbelt
  • a SilkCut scissors kit (thinner and cutting)
  • an edge razor
  • a pack of 10 edge razor blades
  • a mini brush cleaner
  • a Carbon+ion full comb
  • a Carbon+ion comb and its section pic
  • a Fingerbrush combo black medium
  • two Ceramic+ion round brushes (in 35mm and 45mm)

Plus, thanks to these kits, creating hairstyles has never been so easy, fast and efficient as everything is packed up in the same kit! 



But we are not going to lie… every hairbrush, comb, scissors and accessory that we have can be THE perfect gift to offer to anyone! This selection is just an overview of what can be some cool Christmas gift ideas. But there is plenty of other cool stuff that can be found in our products!

So do not be shy and have a look at all the things you can find on our website!

Now that you have all the keys to please yourself or someone else, make sure to get yourself one (or everything 😉) of these nice gift ideas! 

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