Welcome to our new ranges of bamboo hairbrushes and combs made of certified eco-friendly bamboo!

Olivia Garden came out with three new ranges of bamboo brushes and combs. All of them are made from 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo and go by the name of Bamboo Touch. 

A bit of a word about our new certified eco-friendly bamboo hairbrushes and combs.  

As an entrance, you’ll find the “Care” range, specially made for taking care of your hair. The second one is for your lovely blowouts’ creations to come and without a doubt is called “Blowout“. And last but not least, an all-new set of combs 

What a way to take a further step into the Olivia Garden tools’ game. But more than that, it’s a small step into an eco-conscious way of working in your salon! 

No more talking, it is time to introduce those amazing natural bamboo hairbrushes and combs.  

But, why a Care eco-range?

Because besides all those amazing creations you do all day – sometimes it is important to take care of the hair and scalps. That’s why we came up with this idea of providing you and your clients’ hair some time to relax. Not only, you’ll be putting your mind at ease but you’ll literally be putting your scalp at ease. 

How to get this care moment? In three different ways. You just need to choose which one you prefer!  

Three different ways, meaning – two round paddle brushes and a square paddle one. One is called “Nylon, the other one is named “Boarand the last one goes by “Massage“. 

Thanks to the nylon bristles, all your hair will be detangled in such a gentle way. Combine some natural boar bristle for a heavenly spread of your natural hair oil. Hello to perfectly detangled and shiny hair!  

But the little plus to this bamboo hairbrushes range, it’s the full “massage” bamboo paddle hairbrush – from the handle to the bristles, except for the cushion, everything is made of natural bamboo. 
This kind of material is perfect to go deep into the massage formula thanks to its thickness. And, due to the stimulation of the system’s micro-circulation, you’ll be providing your scalp an intense activation of your sebum, which means hair growth much faster than usual.  

Having a Blowout range, it is always a good idea! But, what will you find?

A “Thermalbrush with different sizes barrels for multiples results in your blowouts journey. A brush with nylon bristles to help you achieve faster drying and better styling of the hair.  

And a “Boar one, with a unique full handle bamboo brush and boar bristles. As just said now, this brush still has those boar bristles we love for a good repartition of natural hair’ oil which leads to a lovely shiny result.  

Now, your choice is all about preferences. If you more into nylon bristles or boar one, you know the drill. Just choose the one you’ll love to use!

Eco-friendly bamboo combs' set, you say? Guess what? It's here!

Four new types of combs. Two handle ones and two full ones. Designed for the thinnest to the thickest hair types!

How to recognize them? It’s very simple.
The handle and full ones for thin hair have very thin bristles. Compared to the handle and full ones for thick hair that have thicker bristles because their hair managed to have stronger bristles to detangle them.  

All of them are 100% made in eco-friendly bamboo. No nylon bristles, no boar one, no nothing. And because the quote wants it “less is more” – bamboo only is full of benefits!  

Just like boar hair, bamboo helps to spread your natural oil all over your hair. And it’s a very gently material for your scalp and hair. So perfect for a good massage session!  

These combs are a two-in-one! They’re being part of the comb family and the care one – all at once!

Your thin and thick hair will find their loved ones between our four differents combs. 
And the little plus to it, the ones made for thick hair it’s suitable for Afro hair. Because Olivia Garden loves to please everyone of you! 


You get it, it’s more than natural bamboo brushes and combs. It’s an all-new eco-conscious way of seeing your usual hairdressings tools. 
New tools for a small step into a green way of working.  

Obviously, these natural bamboo hairbrushes and combs won’t be THE change of a lifetime. But there are no small steps that are useless!  

But, in what way these tools are eco-friendly?  

Bamboo is lighter, stronger and more durable than wood. Also, compared to normal wood, bamboo regrows in a blink of an eye.  

So, in the end, those bamboo brushes and combs are good for your hair and for the planet.  

If you want to know how to start this bamboo journey, have a look at our first blog about our bamboo hairbrushes and combs. 

Want to try those tools? 

Have a direct look at our tools page, here.

Or, if you don’t want to wait any longer – have a look with your local reseller, here! 

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