“I use my Fingerbrush on their hair – afterwards, they just need to have their own!” 

Help your client to find the perfect brush for their hair by reselling the Fingerbrush in your salon to increase revenue. Check out the story of Elke (Hairmosa) from Belgium, who makes clients happy when reselling Fingerbrush in her salon!

My name is Elke, I’m 24 years old, and I opened my own salon in 2019 in my parents’ house’s converted garage and this is my story on how I increase revenue in my salon.

My compact but fully equipped salon offers all the services you expect from a hairdresser. From colouring to trimming, brushing… I am also a barber and enjoy shaving and grooming beards. I can provide tailor-made services for my clients in a homely environment.

I used to sell products to my clients like liquids, hair accessories,… This is why I also decided to resell brushes in my salon. My clients want the best for their hair and are very receptive to buying in my salon instead of retail shops.

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I discovered the Fingerbrush 6 month ago, thanks to a promotion at my wholesaler. This brush looks very lovely, and I decided to make a try and resell it in my salon. It was crazy. My 1st stock went out after one week.

The Fingerbrush is super soft on the head. It’s not painful to detangle knots with it. It completely changes the game. It gives shine to hair thanks to boar bristles and is also very light in hand. My clients love it, and me too! I’ve sold several colours, and they all work well.

Generally, I start to sell the Fingerbrush to my customer after the brushing. You can give the final touch on the hairstyle with it. By the way, I use mine on their hair, and they directly see the difference to other brushes. After that, they need their own.

Instagram and Facebook also help me to increase sales. I’ve made some pictures and videos of the brush in use. It creates attention and attractiveness to it.

@coonen_: I'm a huge fan: 1 in the bathroom and 1 in my handbag for the knots on the way 🤩
Fingerbrush resell in your salon

My customers appreciate that I resell brushes in my salon. They receive professional advice, which makes them more loyal. It is also an additional benefit for me, between 1.5 and 2.0 easy margin on top of my usual services at the salon.

I recommend you to try it; it’s fun. You could be surprised how your client will love to buy a Professional brush with your advice. And you don’t take a lot of risks if you start with a display of 8 brushes on your counter. This is a good deal for hairdressers.

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