The new Olivia Garden Logo says “HELLO!”​

The new Olivia Garden Logo says “HELLO!”​

You know Olivia Garden well as your favourite hair tool brand! Well, classic advertising sentence, nothing special. But hold on, let’s be honest… do you really know “Olivia Garden”?

We realised in many talks to hairdressers across Europe in the past years that they all love to work with our brushes and shears, but they mostly refer to their “Fingerbrush”, “Ceramic+Ion” or “SilkCut Scissors”.

Don’t get us wrong: We are proud of these products and the incredible value they add to the daily work in the salon. But while in most salons we visit we can actually find Olivia Garden products in use, the stylists and artists we asked sometimes were not aware they do. We are very proud on what unites the universe of our wide product range: The brand “Olivia Garden” and the community of happy hairdressers around it.

So we decided to renew our home brand, to make it more visible, to show off to the world even more which brand the beloved tool belongs to – and this needed a refresh on the main part of our visual appearance: the logo!

New OG Logo
Fingerbrush blush on store

Wait for it ...

We have a lot more planned with the Olivia Garden brand and its new logo for the next weeks, months and years, to do what we do best: Support the hairdressers in their daily work in the salon. 

But starting now you will see more and more the revamped version of our logo.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about it – let us know!

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