Olivia Garden History: From a Beach in St. Tropez to a Hairdresser Tool Market Leader Around the Globe

The story of Olivia Garden’s success features some big stages and innovations for the whole hair industry.

The Olivia Garden you know today is widely popular with hairdressers and professional stylists around the world, many of them saying full of joy: “This is my favourite tool.” We could not be more proud of that. We work hard to continue the success also in the future, where we envision exciting new products and designs for the hair tool industry, always focusing on the needs of the users.

But it all had to start somewhere…

Our story begins when Jean Rennette went waterskiing in France and met the love of his life…

Jean works as a waterski instructor in St. Tropez, when he meets his future wife, Micheline. As a hairdresser, she introduces him to the world of Beauty and they decide to start a business together in 1967, when they establish Olivia Garden in Belgium (Liège).

It is founded on the principles of providing hairdressers with high quality, innovative, beautiful & cutting-edge salon tools. At first, they start to manufacture high-quality synthetic wigs and hairpieces marketed as a fashion accessory.

In 1976, they launch the first non-aerosol & eco-friendly liquid line called: Formulation. They also start to collaborate with famous stylists from around the world at Olivia Garden educational events.

During the ’80s, Silence HP, a genuinely silent blow-dryer, gets introduced to the market. It is the first of its kind worldwide. At the same time, a full line of patented perm curlers without rubber bands is launched.

When 1985 comes around, the Rennette family moves to the USA & opens a division of Olivia Garden in California. The European division becomes the master distributor of many US brands and continues to develop and sell the large portfolio of Olivia Garden products.

The Rennette’s children start to work at Olivia Garden during the ’90s: Pierre Rennette joins the office in Belgium, his sister Anne Maza goes to the US division. Later in the decade, Pierre follows his sister to California, and Christian Brandeleer becomes General Manager of the European office.

Around the turn of the millennium, the iconic Pro Thermal brush is launched as a quality, innovative, high performant & ergonomic brush.

A few years later, the Ceramic+Ion, the first brush in the industry that combines ceramic and ionic technologies, appears on the market.

In 2006, Healthy Hair is the first eco-friendly bamboo brush line. Olivia Garden starts to develop high-quality shears for hairdressers as well with the SilkCut line.

Four years later, the famous NanoThermic brush combines all the ultimate technological advances such as Nano-silver, ceramic & ionic technologies, ergonomic handle, especially engineered wavy bristles and a retractable sectioning pick is born.

In 2011, Kai Ziekursch joins the European office as General Manager when Christian Brandeleer retires.

Olivia Garden reaches a significant milestone in 2012: over 10 million brushes are sold worldwide! New products are launched, like Fingerbrush, Double Clip, Divine, Kidney Brush and HeatPro.

In 2017, Olivia Garden celebrates its 50th anniversary with a big gala event in Bologna, Italy. Hairdressers can be part of the celebration, with the “50th Anniversary” brush line.

In the following years, Olivia Garden continues to innovate with the iBlend brush to distribute hair color and treatments, or with the MultiBrush system with removable handle and barrels to leave in the hair.

While André Harms joins as Co-General Manager in 2018, Olivia Garden Europe focusses even more specifically on the needs of European hairdressers.

Finally, late 2020, Olivia Garden Europe refreshes the look of the Olivia Garden Brand and its logo. The start of a new chapter in the history of Olivia Garden!

Of course, our success is based on hairdressers worldwide that have come to love and help Olivia Garden grow to where it is now. Hairdressing is not just craftsmanship; it is an art. To create beauty, tools are needed. We, at Olivia Garden, will keep on developing tools to make your imagination come to life in the best way!

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