Welcome to the beautiful world of the best professional blow out brushes of Olivia Garden and our best hair brushes for blow drying!

Having professional hair brushes for blow drying is a must-have in our drawer! 
Here’s your ultimate Olivia Garden guide of round hair brushes for blow drying! 

It is time to finally find the answers you were looking for while having a look at our 5 best hair brushes for blow drying


When you enter the amazing world of hairdressing it can, sometimes, be a bit stressful to find the right round and best hair brushes for blow drying… and it’s even harder to find the right one at a reasonable price. 

So for those who want to start with a good quality hairbrush but do not want to spend a lot of money on it, the ProThermal is the brush to go to! 

A well-balanced anti-ionic hairbrush to learn how to perfect your art and keep your clients happy! 
Thanks to its vented cap, no hair and barrel get overheated while creating great styles. 

If you want to know more about it, make sure to check it out here

NanoThermic Thermal

Want to step a bit in the blowdrying game? 

Here’s our luxurious-looking hairbrush that’ll light up your shelf! The NanoThermic Thermal or NanoThermic for those in the know 😉 

This hairbrush will help you achieve a stunning glossy appearance thanks to its ion-charged bristles. 
How’s that? Because the ion-charged bristles keep the cuticles and lengths healthy and radiant. Which makes your hair live its shiny moment forever! 

Curious about this product? Have a look right here


It is always a struggle to find a good professional round hair brush when it comes to very thick and Afro hair. Especially when those hair needs a lot of heat on them to achieve this sleek and straight look. 

Here’s the solution we came out with, HeatPro!

Thanks to its copper barrel and its capacity to resist very high heat temperatures. This barrel can withstand temperatures of up to 290°C. This means thick and Afro hair is protected from fewer damages! 

So, are you tempted? If the answer is yes, go check out its product page right here

Ceramic+ion Thermal

I guess there’s no need to introduce it anymore as it’s one of our best-sellers! The famous round hair brush white & grey is a must-have for a lot of you and here are the reasons. 

It’s a perfect choice for everybody who wishes to style smooth while giving this ultra-shiny radiant look. How is it possible? Thanks to its tourmaline properties preventing hair from dryness, frizz and static! 

For more information about this little gem, make sure to have a look here!




Ceramic+ion Speed XL

Here’s the XL version of our little gem Ceramic+ion! 

What’s its difference besides its name? Its barrel is longer and that’s THE difference that’ll help save time on your styles! 

Indeed, its longer barrel helps you to achieve your blow-dry moment much faster than any regular professional round hair brush. 
25% of your time will see reduced thanks to this much-needed longer barrel! 

Saving time on your blow-dry or even clients is your goal? Here is the answer you were looking for! 

As you can read our round hairbrushes are made for every type of situation but most importantly are made for every one of you! 

From the newbie hairdresser to the expert, everyone can find happiness in this beautiful Olivia Garden universe of professional round hair brushes! 

Do not wait any more and fill your shelves with your favourite Olivia Garden brushes!

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