Bamboo hairbrushes and combs & their benefits!


All you need to know about our bamboo hairbrushes and combs and their benefits! Having bamboo hairbrushes and combs in your hair routine is great, but knowing which benefits it procures you and the planet is even more incredible! Now that you have a clear idea about our Olivia Garden bamboo hairbrushes and combs – it is time to speak about all the […]

Time to get into the eco-friendly hairdresser field !


Welcome to our new ranges of bamboo hairbrushes and combs made of certified eco-friendly bamboo! Olivia Garden came out with three new ranges of bamboo brushes and combs. All of them are made from 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo and go by the name of Bamboo Touch.  A bit of a word about our new […]

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