6 OG Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones (or you)!


6 OG Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones (or you)! Look no more, here is our selection of 6 OG Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones (or you) that will be all the rage! And it’s all about creating and taking care of that beautiful hair of yours! Perfect gifts be like Fingerbush […]

3 tips to discuss boobies with your clients!


3 tips to discuss boobies with your clients and maybe help them to prevent breast cancer! Because breast cancer needs to be talked about, here are 3 tips to discuss boobies with your clients! I’m sure, you want to know asap how you can chew over such a topic and know its 3 tips! Jump […]

Our 5 best hair brushes for blow drying!


Welcome to the beautiful world of the best professional blow out brushes of Olivia Garden and our best hair brushes for blow drying! Having professional hair brushes for blow drying is a must-have in our drawer! Here’s your ultimate Olivia Garden guide of round hair brushes for blow drying!  It is time to finally find […]

How to clean your hairbrushes?


Why and how you should clean your hairbrushes! Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to face the truth about the hairbrushes we daily use. We’re not gonna lie – how many of us often wash our hairbrushes? I’m telling you this, I don’t😶 But that’s okay! Now, you will know how to clean your hairbrushes and have them and your hair perfectly healthy and clean! Previous Next First of all, why should we […]

Bamboo hairbrushes and combs & their benefits!


All you need to know about our bamboo hairbrushes and combs and their benefits! Having bamboo hairbrushes and combs in your hair routine is great, but knowing which benefits it procures you and the planet is even more incredible! Now that you have a clear idea about our Olivia Garden bamboo hairbrushes and combs – it is time to speak about all the […]

Time to get into the eco-friendly hairdresser field !


Welcome to our new ranges of bamboo hairbrushes and combs made of certified eco-friendly bamboo! Olivia Garden came out with three new ranges of bamboo brushes and combs. All of them are made from 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo and go by the name of Bamboo Touch.  A bit of a word about our new […]

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