1 step away from the eco-hairdresser field : bamboo brushes!

It is all about making the first move! And this move is all about bamboo brushes!

Why you should use bamboo brushes? 

In 2022, ecology is still a delicate subject. We all heard and still hear we need to make changes in our daily lives to provide a better future for the next generations to come. But we know it is not an easy thing to do. And it’s even harder in the hairdressing industry when depending on all the chemical products needed.   

When it comes to brushes’ material – creating and producing them is not always a 100% ecologic process. We create tools based on hairdressers’ needs that require materials with specific standards.  

But the good news is – this is not stopping us from thinking ahead and creating tools that can be both: green and fitting your professional requirements!


How to start this bamboo journey? ​


Maybe the question has gone through your mind on how you could turn your salon into a bit more eco-conscious one. And we agree that is not an easy question to answer.  
But you know what? The start is all about making small changes – little by little.  

That is why Olivia Garden came out with its new Bamboo Touch brushes. A new natural bamboo hairbrushes family with a set of three ranges. And they are all about haircare and blowouts.  
You will find bamboo hairbrushes and combs with different purposes and benefits to please each of your stylistic desires!   

Brushes and combs, nothing new? But here is the twist: our new brushes and combs are made of certified eco-friendly bamboo. 

Bamboo is a key to more sustainable products. 

Why bamboo: The thing is this kind of material is way more sustainable than other wood because it regrows in the blink of an eye! Also, it is stronger and more durable and this – with a lower price tag.  

This means bamboo has many benefits – for you and the environment!  

The road is still long but we and our new natural Bamboo Touch brushes and combs are here to support you into the eco-conscious experience. 

And, if you want more infos about our ranges – make sure to read our other post about this bamboo hairbrushes and combs edition, here

We took the first step – are you willing to join us? 


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