Olivia Garden and its accessories!

Olivia Garden is best known for its hairbrushes, combs and scissors loved by thousand of you! From our famous Fingerbrush to our Ceramic+ion through our NanoThermic family and many more others Olivia Garden products family, tons of our professional products are yours. Those products find a home in your salon but more specifically in your hairdresser’s hands! And this, with the purpose of creating stunning pieces of styles and looks! Whether it’s on you or your client’s hair.

So as you know – Olivia Garden rimes with hairbrushes, combs and scissors. But Olivia Garden, also, rimes with accessories! And by that, we mean tools that take care of your professional brushes!

Here, you’ll find all the accessories of Olivia Garden that have been missing in your Olivia Garden collection.
Suitable for hairdressers (or not) who want to keep their brushes clean and healthy.

Those tools are dedicated to taking care of your everyday life professional hairbrushes with the goal of keeping them nice and useful for a very long time!


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