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Green step


We are all concerned by ecology but sometimes, the mountain seems too high to climb. We can feel lost in front of the wide variety of possibilities. We probably won’t throw away our cars tomorrow or completely turn off the heat in winter. But, we can do small acts to reduce little by little our ecological footprint. It starts with brushing your hair with a bamboo hair brush

With the “Bamboo Touch” brushes, you can make a first step to a more eco-conscious way to live and to act for the Earth.

Compared to wood, bamboo regrows in the blink of an eye. And it’s stronger and more durable. 
We know the road is still long but we decided to make a first step.

Will you join us?  

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What are the advantages of a bamboo hair brush?

Bamboo hair brushes offer surprising benefits, not only for our beloved planet, but also for your hair!

  • Made from 100% eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo: these brushes are a perfect zero waste alternative.
  • Durable and strong: this collection of brushes is very long-lasting, which makes them piece by piece sustainable.
  • Give your hair a beautiful shine: with the bamboo brush, your scalp gets a gentle massage, allowing the natural oils from your scalp to penetrate into your locks while brushing. This results in a shiny smooth hairstyle.
  • Healthy and strong hair: by massaging your scalp with these hair brushes, you will also stimulate blood circulation and as a result hair growth. The natural oils that are released will also protect your hair. By using these brushes regularly, you will notice that your hair is healthier and stronger, less likely to break from root to ends.
  • Anti-frizz: your hair will not only be shinier and stronger but also less static and tangled. While plastic hair brushes make your hair more electrically charged, bamboo brushes will not because of their neutral to negative charge. This allows your hair to stay smooth and silky!


Want to know more about our bamboo brushes and their advantages for you hairdressing salon? Read our article on why you should use a bamboo hairbrush as a hairdresser!




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Convinced of the benefits of a bamboo hair brush? Give the planet and your clients’ hair the care they deserve! Go for healthy and shiny hair. You can get our Bamboo Touch Collection at one of our dealers. Find the nearest store in your area or buy online!

The offer is valid while stocks last, check with your local Olivia Garden dealer to get them.

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