Our Ceramic hair brushes: Discover the benefits

Ceramic hair brushes are without a doubt a must-have for hairdressers and stylists and have taken over the heart of many hairdressing clients. Shiny, voluminous and frizz-free hair are only some benefits of this amazing hair brush.

We at Olivia Garden are one of the pioneers in creating qualitative, professional and ergonomic hair brushes with the best ceramic technology. Discover more advantages of a ceramic hair brush and our products below.

What is a ceramic brush?

What makes a hair brush ceramic? Well, it consists of metal barrels with a ceramic coating. This ceramic is a hard, inorganic material made of clay. This brush then emits negative ions, heats up very quickly, speeds up the dry time and glides through the hair smoothly.

Why you should use a ceramic hair brush

Okay I know what a ceramic hair brush is, but why should I use one? The negative ions that we talked about also help to eliminate frizz. No one likes frizzy and static hair, right? Additionally, by using this type of brush you also create more volume, ideal for a beautiful blowout. What’s more you may ask? Shine, shine, shine! Our ceramic hair brushes ensure a healthy and shiny hairstyle that your clients leave your salon satisfied with.

The best ceramic brushes

Discover the favorite Olivia Garden brushes by hairdressers, stylists, and consumers.

Ceramic+Ion Thermal

Ceramic + ion thermal

Our well-known and used ceramic and ionic thermal hair brush, make clients all over the world smile! It ensures shiny and healthy hair, and prevents the hair from becoming static, frizzy, and dry. It has everything we want in a nice-looking brush!

The Ceramic+Ion Speed XL


In comparison with our previous ceramic hair brush, the Ceramic+ion Speed XL has a longer ceramic barrel. This makes it possible to reduce the drying time even more! Yay for time-saving and efficient work! Another advantage of this beautiful tool is the wavy nylon bristles that ensure a better grip on the hair.

Get your ceramic hair brush(es) in one of our points of sale!

Convinced of the advantages of our ceramic hair brushes? Your clients will be pleased with their flawless, shiny and voluminous hair. You can get our Ceramic collection in one of our points of sale. Find the nearest store in your area or buy online! You can also contact us for more information.

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