Spring 2022

Bloom Essence


Flowers are blooming, bringing all the colours to let you shine throughout this colourful season! Find the perfect colour tones and bring the best out of you through our new Fingerbrush Bloom limited edition.

Four brushes with four all different moods to match your spirit!
Determination is your driving force of the day – take time to enjoy your haircare moment with our Bluestar Fingerbrush.

Or maybe, you’re more on the quiet side of the force and you feel like spreading love all around you. Then, don’t wait and live your best life with our Edelweiss Fingerbrush.

But you know, if you are more into having good luck and lasting happiness or you’re just into (self)-adoration and loyalty – then jump onto our Sunflower Fingerbrush!

But you know, we are not limitless and we do not want you to limit yourself to just one mood. We want you to explore all the facets hidden in you! And live this life as a never-stopping blooming flower.
And for that – keep living and p(r)eaching those moments of life with our Peach Fingerbrush – that makes you the unique person you are!

So, now it’s your turn to find your best Fingerbrush Bloom and live this spring like never before💐

About Fingerbrush


Hair deserves its well-being moment too. Help your clients start every day in the best possible way with the perfect moment of self-care. Wellbeing is a whole-body thing, daily rituals with your hair make you feel good. The Fingerbrush makes the difference. No pain – no break: it completely changes the game! This famous brush detangles with ease and works well with all ages and hair types so lots of customers will be interested. It’s perfect for helping your customers get the shiny healthy hair they want as it spreads the scalps natural oils through the hair. It will help you to detangle, take care of your hair, or create the perfect final touch to a natural wavy style.



Your clients will love them too at home. Don’t hesitate to increase your turnover by selling them directly in your salon. Your clients want beautiful hair and want to take care of it easily. Fingerbrush is the perfect choice for them. Test the Fingerbrush on your client – they will buy it instantly.




  • Mix of boar and Nylon Bristles
  • Curved shape
  • Perfectly follow hair scalp
  • Flexible head of the brush


  • Shine
  • Healthy hair
  • Wellbeing moment
  • Detangle and take care of hair at the same time
The offer is valid while stocks last, check with your local Olivia Garden dealer to get them.

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