Brush cleaner

The Brush Cleaner is present in our accessories range simply because, at Olivia Garden, we are committed to making more steps to reduce our ecological footprint and becoming more sustainable to help respect our planet.  

In this same range, we already have the little brother which is the Brush Cleaner mini. As the big brother it is, this cleaner is also made out of a sustainable alternative!

The cleaner has two sides to fit different purposes. The side with large teeth is to remove all the hair stuck in your bristles. And the other side, with the small teeth, is to remove the small hairs that are stuck deep down.

A bigger ecological cleaner with two different goals to help you keep your hairbrushes living longer!


  • 2 types of tooth to use on different types of bristles
  • Fast & easy to use
  • Suitable for all brush sizes and models
  • Made out of recycled material
  • Packed in sustainable and recyclable packaging



  • Extend the life of all brushes
  • Deep-cleaned & healthy brushes
  • Good for planet

Brush cleaner


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