SilkCut Pro

Our SilkCut Pro scissors are handcrafted with the greatest care and will help you out achieving stunning precise cuts.

Our top priority is providing you with well-balanced scissors that allow comfortable handling because as a hairdresser you use this tool for hours every day. This is why the SilkCut Pro is designed with a comfortable offset handle with a special thumb curvature, which keeps the hand relaxed in a natural open position. Furthermore, the optimal bent position of the finger rest is designed for effortless cuts with all fingers.

Also, the weight of the scissors is very important in the daily use of this tool. A too-heavy pair of scissors can easily cause chronic pain such as tendonitis. To avoid this, the overall weight of SilkCut Pro has been decreased to reduce fatigue and relieve tension in the hands.

But the integrated tension dial is the biggest improved technology of the SilkCut Pro. This provides a perfect flat design with no protruding knob and thus a totally snag-free result. With its perfectly smooth ball-bearing pivot mechanism, these scissors are really easy to use without straining.

What’s cooler? These scissors come in a “cutting” and a “thinning” version and both for left- or right-handed!


  • Reinforced steel alloy for extra strength
  • Ultra sharp blade edge
  • Optimal finger rest positions
  • Comfort offset handle with special thumb curvature
  • Removable finger rings
  • Smooth ball-bearing pivot mechanism
  • Sleek design with no protruding knobs
  • Silicone silencer
  • Thinners: both come with 35 handcrafted teeth with micro-serrations

Hairdresser tips 

The right scissors for all expert hairdressers who are looking for more and more precision.

: All of our scissors are sold with an oil pen and a microfiber wipe, ideal for taking care of your scissors and making them last longer.

And all of our scissors are crafted with a steel nickel-less alloy which means no allergy risk.

SilkCut Pro


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