When it comes to picking the right scissors at Olivia Garden and delivering stunning haircut styles, you need one that suits your needs, such as the SilkCut scissors range. These products offer the best comfort, ergonomic handle, and premium quality. But more importantly, these SilkCut scissors are handcrafted with the greatest care for you to achieve amazing precise cuts.
They come with superior design features that make it easier to handle the scissors for longer, helping you deliver better results. This product range is ideal for professional hairdressers and expert students. Plus, this range comes with scissors having larger fingers for barbers, for example.

Here are the perfect precision scissors for straight and structured cuts!


  • Hand-honed powerful razor sharp convex blade
  • Ultra sharp convex blade
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Optimal finger rest positions for effortless cuts with all fingers
  • Comfort offset handle with special thumb curvature keeps the hand relaxed in the natural open position
  • Comfort silencer
  • Removable finger rings to adjust to the size of your fingers
  • Micro tension dial
  • Adjustable leaf spring tension with dial markings for extra precision
  • Silicone silencer
  • Bigger finger rings for “barbers”
  • Thinner: come with 35 handcrafted teeth with micro serration

Hairdresser tips

Precision scissors for straight and structured cuts.

Your best friend for a great bob! 😉


P.S.: All of our scissors are sold with an oil pen and a microfiber wipe are handmade which is ideal to take care of your scissors and make them last longer

And all of our scissors are crafted with a steel nickel-less alloy which means no allergy risk.



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